Hey! It’s been a while.

Life, work, and a broken computer kind of got the best of me these last few weeks, but I’m bubbling at the seams with new recipe ideas and can’t wait to share them with you! <3

But before I do that, I thought it best to share a post I’ve been meaning to write for months now – a Pantry Party post! Sparked by a question from my sister about what Continue Reading…



Holiday guide holiday-gift guidejpg I tend to cringe a bit this time of year when I see posts that promote consumerism and over shopping.  I’m sure you’ve all seen those posts that plug major national brands and huge corporations that don’t really need our money. I can safely say without a doubt, that these types of lists go against most everything  I stand for. As we all know, the holiday season doesn’t have to be about over-buying mass produced items. Instead we can buy a few good quality, locally crafted, love filled items made and sold by small businesses. I don’t really think I can say it better than in a  post I recently read that said, “every time you support a small business, an actual person somewhere does a little happy dance”. So here’s a few of my favourite local goodies made by wonderful people.

If you’re looking for even more  holiday ideas, check out these small business guides from Alison, and Sarah and Summer. <3

1) Zimt Double Chocolate Macaroons 

2) Ashwaganda from The Juice Truck

3) Lissu Linen Tea Towel

4) Fia Ring by MLKANHNY 

5) Honey Tobacco Body Mist

6) Studio Jumpsuit by Bees and Bones + Hold

7) Hendrik Lou Rib Toque 

8) Banquet Peace Sign Poster 

9) Kitchen Tamper

10. Grain Chickpeas 

11) Handmade Combs

12. Pink House Glow Stick

13. Just B Smiling Phone Case

14) Bees and Bones Carlisle Dress 

15) Abeego Kitchen Wrap

16) Woodlot Cascadia Candle

17) Cedar Deodorant by Quwutsun Made 

18) Amanda Marie Ceramics Right Mug

19) Maggie Boyd Ceramics Bud Vase

20. Sharing Bowls by Barter

21) Harlow Skin Care Cream 

22) Korinne Vader Handmade Jacket

23) Many Moons Print

24) Dipped Canister

25) Reclaimed Fir Board by Made By Pacific

holiday gift guide 2