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Sunshine Açaí Bowl

It’s been nearly a year since Adam and I went to Hawaii. It was a graduation gift to ourselves for getting through six years of schooling, working, and just keeping ‘it’ and us together. Although Hawaii wasn’t my first choice, it turned out to be an amazing time. Adam felt at ease in his ancestral homeland – he was the happiest and healthiest I have even seen him, surrounded by the sun, sand, and sea. And, although my arm needed a bit of twisting to go, I ended up falling head over heals in love with the place, especially with the food. While we unfortunately missed out on mango season, we made it in time to devoured other favourites including pineapples, oranges, bananas, avocados, and lilikois (passion fruit). Our days were spent stocking up on the amazing offerings from the numerous (and fabulously stocked) health food stores and markets, followed by lounging  on the beach, hiking, swimming, and snorkeling. This was again followed by more tasty whole foods and numerous fresh fruits.What a routine!

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The Basic Raw Brownie and Endless Options…

From everything that I’ve heard, the second year of nursing school is the hardest year, and from everything that my sister Hannah tells me, it seems this might be true. Endless papers, journal entries, working at the hospital, and long days memorizing the most complex words. After hours of studying there is nothing more that Hannah wants than some cuddles with her cat, Elise, and a cup of tea (Valerian is her new favourite). And like the good sister that I am, I like to have something for her to look forward to eating on her study breaks. Since the last bar I made with Hannah in mind (the Caramel Chocolate Bar) was such a hit, I decided to make something along the same lines – chocolatey, raw, healthy, yet totally delicious- and according to Hannah, I have succeeded with this new batch.  Introducing the Raw Chocolate Brownie and happy studying!
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Main Course/ Vegan

Quinoa Yam Burgers


I love burgers. I mean, I love burgers. Sometimes when we are bored we’ll play the game of  “if you had to watch one movie forever”, “if you had to eat one snack food”, or one style of food, or one thing to drink, the list goes on. Pizza is a common answer, as are sandwiches, burritos, sushi, and for some reason orange juice (everyone chooses orange juice). But for me, it’s got to be burgers. Any kind, all kinds – portabello mushroom, bean of any variety, raw ones made out of sunflower seeds, yam, beets, rice, and the occasional one made with local organic fish or meat. Continue Reading…

Desserts/ Vegan

A Healthier Birthday Cake with Chocolate Fudge Filling


Today is mum’s birthday, today she turns 60. It’s funny to see your parents grow older, to see them at a age that you would have known  your grandparents to be. To me, my mother has remain the same person that I first grew to know as that baby in her arms, yet I am now almost as old as she was when she had me. I have grown, become independent, and turned into a adult (whatever that means), and she has been there the whole time to nurture and support me.

Its hard to fathom that I have known my mother for nearly half her life.

So to you mum, Happy birthday. I love you to the moon and back Continue Reading…

Breakfast + Brunch/ Gluten Free/ Raw Dishes/ Vegan

Chai Spiced Chia Pudding with Pink Peppercorn Pomegranate Sauce


There are certain seasonal fruits that I can’t wait to see each year: mandarins in the winter, strawberries in spring, peaches in summer, and pomegranates in autumn. To me, the pomegranate has always seemed like such a mystical fruit, and to be fair, it is rather a special one. Latin for “seeded apple”, records trace the pomegranate back to 4000 B.C.E. Over the ages it has been seen as important by a variety of different religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, and  even by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Even today it remains an important fruit to medical traditions including  Ayurveda and even the western school of thought.  Continue Reading…