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Grab and Go Breakfast Cakes

I was recently asked by a reader for breakfast ideas she could easily grab when she was late for school – something quick, easy, and of course, healthy. Then it got me thinking about my own eating habits and how when they suffer it is because I fail to plan ahead. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, but it so often gets interrupted by work schedules and early mornings. While I always make sure my weekend breakfast are pretty amazing, my weekday breakfasts are a little bit lacking – usually consisting of some fresh sour dough bread with nut butter or a muffin I grab at work. Lately, I have been in the habit of making a smoothie (like my Big Green Breakfast Bowl) the night before I have to be somewhere early, but unfortunately I don’t always find smoothies as filling as I would like them to be. Usually I eat at 5 a.m and then I don’t get to sit and eat again for another 5 and a half hours, which leaves me so hungry and susceptible to becoming hangry (a dangerous combination of anger and hunger). My need to find easy snacks, and my reader’s need for a quick breakfast got me thinking about what I could make that would be both quick, tasty, and nutritious, and I think I’ve found it in these little ‘cakes’.
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Gluten Free/ Main Course/ Vegan

Hello Dahley! My go-to Ginger Dahl

When I was in my early 20’s I lived in a big house full of other students. It was a diverse group of people, but we worked well together to create our own type of family – we had the spunky daughter, the weird uncle, the moody ‘teen’, the 80’s dad, and the overbearing mum – and of course, I was the mum. I often took on the role to feed the family, and all the other tag-alongs and vagabonds that would join us for dinner. Usually I would make one-pot dishes for easy clean up, beans to suit the vegetarians, and large enough quantities to be able to feed an average of ten dinner guests. Chilli was a common site on the menu, as was a cabbage roll stew, but my favourite was this ginger dahl. Continue Reading…

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Big Green Breakfast Bowl

While the first day of Spring may be two whole months away, I already feel ready for it. One of the perks about living on the West Coast, and in Victoria specifically, is that winter is pretty non-existent. Instead of having four seasons like the rest of Canada, Victoria has about two – rainy and not rainy. From September to about April it rains, and I mean rains. Then from May to about August it doesn’t, and we call that ‘summer’. Because of the lack of snow and cold, it means that spring starts early here. The bulbs in my garden are already about 4 cm high and the cherry trees which line the main streets are beginning to breakout in their pink popcorn like blossoms. Even the pansies from last year have continued to bloom all through the winter months, bringing some much needed colour to the grey days.The budding new life and green hues have been inspiring to me, encouraging me to break from my winter porridge and stewed fruit breakfast routine, forcing me to search for new, fresh, and clean flavours.

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Breakfast + Brunch/ Desserts/ Vegan

One Year & Some Cake


Happy Anniversary Wholehearted Eats! I can’t believe that it has already been on whole year since I started blogging, time has just flown by!Making a blog was something I had tried to do for the last few years – I would choose a name and start designing layout, but never actually get around to post anything. Then, last year I was inspired by my friend and decided to revisit a domain I had mad 6 months prior, make some cookies, and actually started to write. It was shaky at first. My camera wasn’t the best, nor was my grammar, for that matter, and my photographs definitely had room for improvement (some are even a little embarrassing, yikes). But, over the last year I have learned a lot. I have bought a better camera, focused on learning more about photography, and have constantly been reminded that things don’t always work out – and that sometimes that is okay.
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When Life Gives you Banana Bread

I’ve always appreciated the saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Although I don’t always follow through on it, there is something about the idea of looking on the bright side which I believe to be really healthy. But what about when life gives to kumquats, or durian, or prickly pear? What are you supposed to do then? What about if you’re given a plate for which you have no recipe?…Answer, you make banana bread.

A couple of weeks ago life gave me a plate that I didn’t really know what to make of. And the sad part was, I knew it was coming but I chose to ignore it. Last year Adam and I graduated with our university degrees – both in sociology. We chose the subject out of love for theory and not for a future profession (as you can’t do anything but teach with this degree), knowing that we would have to go back to school eventually. So for the last year we have worked at the bakery, saving money, and using the break from school as a time to reflect on where we wanted go in life. And here we are, one year latter and ready for a change, at least I think we’re ready.
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