Desserts/ Raw Dishes/ Vegan

Decadent Chocolate Truffles

Regardless of if, what, or how you celebrate any holiday this month, I’m pretty sure you and the people around you would love some decedent chocolates to eat. While I have met a few people who don’t like (or are allergic to) chocolate, it is generally safe to assume that most people love chocolate and would really appreciate the gift of handmade truffles. These truffles are super easy to whip up, and make a wonderful gift for those with a variety of dietary needs – they are raw, vegan, nut free, gluten free, and amazing. Even those friends who love ‘junk’ food will love these gems, and they wont even clue in that they are good for them!

I left my truffles plain, but just like the Basic Raw Brownie, there are tons of different flavour combinations – mint, orange, lavender, ginger,  are a few that come to mind. Continue Reading…

Raw Dishes/ Salad/ Vegan

Autumn Rainbow Coleslaw


There are certain ‘classic’ dishes which wrongly get a bad wrap. Firstly, is the humble baked potato which if garnished well can be healthy, delicious, and take on a variety of flavours; Secondly, the ‘loaf’ which can be made with an assortment of different nuts,beans, and veggies, and doesn’t have to be a mushy lump of meat; And thirdly, is the crisp, refreshing, and exciting (yes exciting) coleslaw.

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Drinks + Smoothies/ Vegan

Holiday Lites! 5 Healthy Winter Juices

Its a fact: some time over the next month you will go to a party, be invited out with friends, or have some people over for a holiday get-together. Whether you want to or not, it’s almost inevitable. While it’s nice to have a glass of wine or a cocktail here and there, I ready don’t like to drink very much. It often leaves me feeling pretty poorly; even one sip of the wrong type of red wine will leave me in bed with a migraine for days. And for me, that just isn’t worth it. My plan this year is to stick to juice. Weather it be a good quality store-bought variety or a freshly squeezed homemade variety, juices provide endless options. They can be mixed with bubbly water, a good quality soda/spritzer, each other, or if you feel like it, a splash of something stronger.

While non of  these drinks contain any alcohol, most of them would be lovely turned into a cocktail – but as always, that’s up to you.
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Breakfast + Brunch/ Gluten Free/ Vegan

Cozy Banana Bread Pancakes

I remember eating a lot of pancakes as a kid. It’s not that I was ever so picky that I wouldn’t eat other things, but they were always something I asked for. They would get served to me as a stack, arranged from largest to smallest, reminiscent of one of my favourite childhood books, Frank and Ernest. My mum would make the simplest, yet most yummy pancakes, out of oats, eggs, milk, and baking soda. They were hearty, substantial, and great eaten cold with jam and nut butter. Over the years, I have become totally accustomed to these ‘healthy’ style pancakes and desire them no other way. Whenever I would try to eat pancakes out at restaurants, they would often be of the ‘mix’ variety – sickly sweet, fluffy white, and they’d leave me feeling sick yet empty. I think I’ll stick with the oats please.
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Loaves + Crackers/ Vegan

Coastal Crackers


Every time there is a shindig or a get-together around these parts, there are some common treats that make an appearance: humous, pickles, rice crackers, and a certain store-bought cracker which has become a staple of the West coast. Upon recently finding out that the store bought variety of these tasty crackers wasn’t vegan friendly, I thought I would try to recreate them at home, and to do so with even better, more nutritious, ingredients. It was actually a three year old friend who first brought the question of ingredients to my attention. At a recent potluck, this little boy was offered some crackers by another friend of mine, yet declined as he believed they weren’t vegan . Sure enough, the crackers contain milk products! (who would have thought?). I was so impressed by this child’s ability to be so conscientious of a food’s ingredients, as well as his own dietary requirements, I knew I had to make a version just for him. Continue Reading…