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Raw Miso for One (or two, or three)

We don’t eat out much – maybe its the fact that we’re both avid cooks or maybe because there aren’t a ton of great restaurants in town, but we often find  ourselves thinking  “we could make this”. And most of the time that’s what we do, stay in and cook. But when we do go out for a bite it usually ends up being for Japanese food. While Adam goes gaga for rolls, I am a glutton for miso. It’s everything I want in a meal: it’s salty, it’s warm, it’s filling without being heavy, and best of all it’s amazing for you. I have tried to make it at home in the past, but have never been that successful. Recipes usually call for making a stock out of kombu Continue Reading…

Breakfast + Brunch/ Gluten Free/ Raw Dishes/ Vegan

Sprouted Buckwheat Granola

What better way to conclude this week of back-to-school recipes than with this really lovely raw granola. I have seen lots of recipes for raw granola before, but up until recently, have never bothered to give any of them try. I guess the main reason I never attempted them before was because they always seemed to involve, I don’t know,  a lot of work I guess. And, while yes, it does take some extra time to sprout the buckwheat and dehydrate the granola, I assure you it is most definitely worth it.

The buckwheat base in this recipe offers a great change from traditional granola; it provides both a tasty crunch and a earthy nuttiness not found in the oat based variety. Even better, this recipe doesn’t have any refined sweeteners or any added fat. And, most importantly, the base of this granola is sprouted! Continue Reading…

Cookies, Bars, + Treats/ Raw Dishes

Oat and Flax Bar

I remember that during  recess in my  elementary school we were allowed to go and buy granola bars at the secretary’s desk. I think the school’s goal was to raise money or something along those lines, but really that didn’t matter to me. I was there for the granola bars. Those sweet and chewy little ‘yogurt’ covered bars of fun where the highlight of my sixth-grader day.  I even remember scrounging up enough money at home to buy extra ones to bring back to my little sister.
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Cookies, Bars, + Treats/ Gluten Free/ Snacks, Dips, + Appetizers

Superfood Spheres

Energy balls come by a lot of different names, but no matter how you spin them they are always 1) delicious (at least in my opinion), and 2) costly. There are a couple places in town that sell house-made versions which range anywhere from $2 to $4.  And don’t get me wrong, I love them and I have been known to spend that much…and maybe a little more on one of these tasty gems.
But we don’t always have the extra pocket money to shell out on something we can easily whip up at home.
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