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Sprouted Wheat Mana Bread

I cannot believe I’m just getting around to sharing this recipe with you all! It used to be a recipe I’d make on a weekly basis (like three years ago) but fell out of the habit of baking because, well, that’s life. With spring here I am feeling so inspired to make all the things I used to make and love that I had tucked away for a later date. Part of this is due to my new motto “be yourself – make what you want”, the other key player is finally feeling settled in one spot long enough to properly get all nesty and homey. So without further ado, I introduce you to Manna Bread. Continue Reading…

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Sweet Potato | Wholehearted Eats

Back in September my lovely  friend Renee shared her #realdietstory over on her site, Will Frolic for Food. She talked about her relationship with food, and diet history in an attempt to help share some human vulnerability in what often can be the sterile and alienating world of the internet.

She encouraged others to do the same and somewhere along the line, my friend Sophie challenged me to share my story.

I don’t really know what my hold up with sharing was. I feel like in the past I’ve talked a lot about my diet and the ups and downs with my relationship to food. Yet something about now seems like the right time to share.

So often we let fear of criticism stifle our own comments on the world, especially in a world as curated as the blogosphere. We fear we will offend someone, lose readers, or likes, but what’s the point of sharing if nothing we share is ernest, real, or truthful? Continue Reading…