Crème Brûlée London FogHappy Sunday! This week I've been busy visiting from friends from out of town and showing them all the cutest cafes this city has to offer. Naturally, my down time has involved plenty of warm sips and rejuvenating tonics to counter the business of it all. Inspired by a drink I saw on the menu of my favourite neighbourhood cafe, I whipped up a fool proof caramel sauce and have been turning out these crème brûlée London fogs like clockwork. I know the name might sound a little frou frou and fancy, but it all comes together in under 10 minutes and you'll be wondering why you didn't think of this before ('cause I sure did).

Adding caramel to warm drinks is next step deluxe. Growing up, caramel drinks were always saved for those super special times -primarily when it snowed, which was rare where I lived. Upon first snow fall my father and I would head into town and get some sort of caramel concoction from Starbucks (there were not a lot of options). We would drive through the sleepy country back roads sipping our drinks while pretending we were in a space shuttle where each snow flake was a star zooming past us at lightyear speed #weirddaddydaughterthings. Since then, caramel drinks get me all warm and fuzzy inside, as they should.

Much like the caramel in my Nordic Oatmeal recipe, this one relies on cashew butter, but any lightly flavoured nut butter (think macadamia, pecan, and even almond) should work. To help achieve the full London Fog flavour, I've added a good dose of vanilla extract, but vanilla paste or powder would help give it those cute vanilla specks.


  • In school I read a ton of articles on how eating tradition diets drastically improved the health of populations (primarily SW and NW Indigenous Peoples) but recently it's been something I've thought about less. But decolonizing your diet and eating more ancestrally (as well as the necessity of species diversity. I'm looking at you Mr. Banana) is so important.
  • vegan version of my favourite foot attire is finally making their way to North America. C'mon summer time!
  • Vegetable stickers are a major pet peeve in our house, so seeing this branding  alternative is a welcome change.
  • I totally forgot to share this recipe for my deluxe French 75 over on the UO blog. New Years is over, but we could probably all go for a cocktail real soon 😉
  • I probably don't need any more cookbooks, but a few I'm eagerly awaiting the release of include: Nina's bowl food, Laura's season eating, Smith and Daughters Aussie vegan fest, Lily's floral ode, Shelly's Midwest fair, and Izy's everyday eats. That some serious cookbook action there, guys.
  • And finally, I know a lot of people feel kind of lost and hopeless this week, but there are plenty of ways to contribute, no matter where you are in the world. Some of my favourite ways to help  if you can't get out there, include donating to organizations like these, or by donating through purchasing some beautiful locally made art work.

Peace and love, friends!


Makes 1. Print Recipe Here

2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp. Maple Syrup
2 Tbsp. Cashew Butter
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
Pinch Sea Salt
¾ Cup of Nut Milk
1 Earl Grey Tea Bag

  1. Make the caramel by combining the coconut oil, maple syrup, and cashew butter (or other nut butter) in a small pot  until warm and melted. Whisk the mixture together until it becomes homogenous and then add the vanilla and sea salt.  Set this mixture aside (keep the caramel in the fridge and use if for ice cream, apple slices, etc. You may need to gently warm it before eating).
  2. Steep the tea bag in about half the amount of water needed to fill your cup. You want the tea to be nice and strong, but not bitter. I steeped mine for about 5 minutes, but check the box for instructions.
  3. Next heat the nut milk up until warm and combine with the steeped tea and 1 Tbsp. Caramel. Blend the milk mixture in a Vitamix until nice and frothy (or hand whisk). Serve with more caramel on top.

xox Sophie



  1. I'm very late to the party, BUT this looks so wonderful, velvety and delicious! Plus, I love the name. London Fog... everything about this post is perfect, Sophie! 🙂 By the way, what are these cards in the bottom right corner? Those look super cool too!


  2. I just love the idea of caramel in a cozy drink! I've made the maca caramel from your previous oatmeal post a few times already and just can't get enough of it! So so good. These are such great links too. Izy's bagels have been on my to-make list ever since she posted it. Loved your UO article too. The photos are beautiful, and your styling skills are truly inspiring. xx

    1. Oh this is so lovely to read, Sophie! I'm beyond delighted you are enjoying the caramel. I must admit, I've been on a caramel kick these last few days (spooning it on everything in site). The bagels are a must make, and they're so much easier to make than I thought they'd be and even easier to eat. Much love to you, buddy <3

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