More than just garlic and tahini, hummus flavours vary widely! These are some non-traditional dips for the best dip ever, hummus. Make your snacks a little more exciting with these hummus flavours.

This list will continue to grow over time as I keep adding hummus recipes to WHE, but we're starting off with my 5 favourite: avocado, sun dried tomato, beet, roasted garlic, and carrot.

Avocado Hummus
Mild avocado hummus dip, made without any oil! This hummus needs just 8 ingredients and is flavoured with fresh ginger and cilantro.
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Light green hummus dip topped with cilantro, top down view.
Sun Dried Tomato Hummus
With a bright and sunny summery flavour, sun dried tomato hummus is a reminder of warm weather at any time of year. You need just 7 ingredients.
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A light orange hummus topped with olive tapenade in a picnic setting.
Beet Hummus
Pretty pink beet hummus, made with easy boiled beets. This is a classic hummus with beets added for a little sweetness and a nice earthy taste.
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Beet root hummus in a bowl with crackers on a plate.
Roasted Garlic Hummus
Roasted garlic hummus is the best twist on classic hummus, with slightly sweet roasted garlic replacing raw for a gentler, more mild dip.
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Top-down view of a bowl of hummus surrounded by veggie sticks and crackers.
Roasted Carrot Hummus
A nice boost to standard hummus, this roasted carrot hummus adds a little sweetness from the carrots along with smokey cumin and fresh parsley pesto
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Hummus in a bowl topped with pesto and roasted carrot pieces.

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  1. These hummus and veggies photos are killing me Sophie (!) I just want to dive headfirst into them all. Hope you have a fun weekend in the garden and that all is healing well health-wise girl. Lots of hugs - xx

  2. These all look super yum-mus lol. Sorry, I couldn't resist. It must feel so good to tick that box now that you've finally got around to creating this post!

    Hummus was one of my son's first foods as well (avocado then hummus, actually).
    Looks amazingly delicious as usual, Sophie. Especially that carrot and cumin...I'm so making that later today #hummusgoals

  3. GAH! Hummus is by far my favorite snack/dinner/breakfast/thing to spread on toast. I love your creations here, Sophie - I've been dreaming of a roasted carrot dip lately and I think I've found my answer. Very much looking forward to picnics and adventures with a couple of these spreads this summer. Thanks for the continued inspiration lovely lady!

    ps. feel better / stay healthy / courage ma belle 🙂

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