Frothy milk in a mug with lavender blossoms.

Lavender Milk Latte

I served this milk as a 'steamer' - that is, a caffeine-free steamed milk latte -but try adding some of this milk to your next London fog, chia pudding, or iced coffee. If you find the taste too strong, try thinning it out with a little extra almond milk or water, but to be honest, I found it perfect.

Serves 2. Print it Here

1 Cup Almonds, soaked overnight
2 Cups Water (you can add more water, but with 2 cups it's super creamy and deluxe)
A Pinch Sea Salt
⅛ tsp. Vanilla Paste or ¼ tsp. Vanilla Extract
2 Pitted Medjool Dates
1 Scant tsp. Food Grade Dried Lavender Blossoms

  1. Rinse the almonds and combine them with the water in a high speed blender. Puree until smooth. Pass this mixture through a nut milk bag. Return the almond milk to the blender and add the salt, vanilla, dates, and lavender and puree again. Pass the milk through the nut milk bag one more time to remove any bits of grit.
  2. I continued to blend my milk until it was warmed by the Vitamix, but you could gently heat it on the stove until warmed through.


  1. I drank an entire jug of this while binge watching Good Girls Revolt. This is going to be a regular in my life. 🙂

  2. This looks wonderful, I am lavender-obsessed so anything that incorporates it always instantly grabs my attention. Cannot wait to chill out with a steamy cup of this! Also, I just binge-watched Girl boss on netflix and found it fun and funny (:

  3. OMG frothy creamy lavender milk latte? YES. This looks the most comforting. I am also waiting for Master of None! Haven't been watching a lot of TV lately but can't wait that to come out. Thank you for including my little truffles <3

  4. I've never thought of combining latte and lavender, but now that I see your post (and your ever gorgeous photos) it seems like the best idea! Especially for night time as I'm the kind of person that has trouble falling asleep... a lavender london fog must be a dream! 🙂


    1. Ah, I'm so happy you like the post, Maisy! To be honest I would have never thought of it either, but a local coffee shop makes a lavender latte with cashew milk and it's amazing! This is totally the perfect sleepy time drink 🙂

  5. i've been feeling a bit on edge, worried that i'm going to forget something important, so chilling out via lavender milk lattes sounds perfect (: i've been seeing a lot of lavender london fogs, but never seen/tasted/thought of lavender coffee! that sounds really tasty :3

    1. I hope your nerves calm down soon, Heather! It's hard being in that worried state. Lavender will most definitely help sooth that edge. Hopefully it will warm up enough soon to have some lavender iced coffee <3

  6. This sounds so delicate + lovely! I'm trying to wean myself off of caffeine this week, so this is a timely recipe 🙂 xx

    1. Oh yay! I'm so happy this post came at the right time for you, Ruby! Best of luck with the no caffeine. That is a hard habit to kick for sure. xox

  7. I've been dreaming up a lavender bevy this month... this looks so good, Sophie! Will definitely try it!

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