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I just got back last week  from a whirlwind trip to California. Although I had gone to the state when I was a kid, it had only been to dip into the Red Woods so my dad could buy some bamboo from some old hippie on a commune.  You know how it is. This time around I got to experience the Cali I always dreamed of - sunshine, palm trees, and the open expanse and romance of the desert.

In just a short two hour flight from snowy Seattle (with my friends at Alaska Air), I was transported to the golden town of Palm Springs, surrounded by ten strangers I had only known from this weird thing we call social media. I can't put into words what it's like to finally see the bright and beautiful faces of friends you've known but have never met. It's something akin to living in a dream where your imaginary friends finally manifest themselves as bright, palpable figures.

We spent the weekend doing what food bloggers do best- cooking, eating, photographing, and talking about food. We sipped on Sasha's amazing watermelon cooler and hibiscus iced tea (from Mount Rose Herbs). Noshed on savoury breakfast bowls and oatmeal with wilted greens and olive oil, and ate ice cream for lunch because we're adults. I fulfilled a childhood dream as we hiked Joshua Tree and managed to chase the sunset just in time to catch the last rays of light hit the tips of the trees.

Thank you to SasahEvaShellyTrishaSarah, ReneeLindsayCarly, Lily, and Kimberley for the laughter, the tears, and the raw and honest vulnerability. I cannot thank you enough for the kinship and warmth you ladies provided. Until we meet again <3

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  • I love a good food driven show, but most of the time they're hosted by sleazy and  or annoying men. David Chang's new show Ugly Delicious is a nice change of pace that provides more honesty than posturing.
  • If you saw my IG stories yesterday, you might remember the chaos of me getting my hands on some of that vegan cheese from Blue Heron Cheese. A lot of you seemed very keen to learn more, so if you're not in Vancouver, you might want to check out Karen's plant based cheese cook book so you can try it at home.
  • My sweet friend Demetria has a new  moon-cast  up over on her blog if you're into finding out more about the moon in Virgo.
  • Ayurveda going main stream! 100% excited about this one, but also slightly worried people will get their information mixed up. If you want to learn more about Ayurvedic practices, I highly recommend my friends Sasha, Summer, and Sarah as wonderful and trusted sources.
  • You know how sometimes a food blog's up and you see it everywhere? This is happening to me with these freaky looking noodles. I'm definitely intrigued enough now to try them out.
  • Finally, a little March playlist all centred around "Green" and the upcoming Spring equinox.


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xox Sophie


  1. Absolutely stunning photos! Your trip looked like such a dream- so many beautiful souls in one place. Also love your link list! I, too, have mixed feeling about ayurveda getting so hyped- it's great in theory, but I hope it stays true to the roots!

  2. OMG These photos! I especially love the way you captured the tone of the light there. And thanks for all the link love! You're too sweet! XO

  3. Sophie, these photos are so beautiful and they make me miss California so much! Also, thanks so much for the March Intentions download sheet - I can't wait to fill it out and colour all of the pretty crystals xoxo
    - @_ashleywood on IG 🙂

    1. Ah, so happy you like the sheet, Ashley! That makes me absolutely delighted! Hoping you can head back to California soon 🙂

  4. Love this. Basking in all the beauty and enjoying this gorgeous playlist you’ve made. Thank you, Sophie! And I concur: exactly like having your imaginary friends come to life. ❤️

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