This effective and simple rosewater toner is made with only 3 ingredients, some of which you probably have already! Part of my morning self-care includes a multi-step face routine which begins with washing with mild water, using this witch hazel and rosewater face toner, followed by a face oil. Face toner like this helps balance complexion and is refreshing yet gentle. It helps remove excess oils without being too drying on the skin.

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All you need is rosewater, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and something to put your toner in.

Rosewater toner ingredients with labels.

Ingredient Notes and Substitutions

  • Rosewater: you can buy rosewater at most pharmacies, but you can also make your own of you have an excessive amount of roses. Here is a great recipe on how to make it from scratch. Make sure it doesn't have any extra ingredients.
  • Witch hazel: this can also be purchased at many pharmacies or health food shops. It shouldn't have alcohol added to use for this recipe, and might be called witch hazel hydrosol.
  • Apple cider vinegar: if you have particularly dry and sensitive skin, the amount of vinegar can be reduced or even omitted.

My Morning Routine

I love to keep my beauty routine as fast, simple, and natural as possible. Here is my day-to-day procedure using rosewater toner.

  1. Wash my face with cool water. Hot water will strip your skin of any oils, as does soap. Your natural oils help hydrate your skin and act as a protective layer.
  2. Spritz my face with witch hazel and rosewater toner. Let it dry for a few seconds.
  3. Hydrate my face with a good dollop of a simple oil. I like jojoba oil because it doesn't clog my pores and is inexpensive.


Homemade face toner steps 1 and 2, mixing and bottling.

Step 1: mix 1 part vinegar, 2 parts witch hazel, and 4 parts rosewater in a bowl (amounts are provided in the recipe card below).

Step 2: decant into a spray bottle and use. I reuse a glass spray bottle from an old beauty product but you can get them easily online and sometimes secondhand.

Top Tips

  • Use a substitute: if you don't have rosewater to make rosewater toner, you can use distilled water along with a few drops of rose, lavender, or chamomile essential oils. This won't be as effective but works in a pinch.
  • Avoid alcohol: added alcohol in the hydrosols is a common ingredient but it's drying for the skin. Try to find rosewater and witch hazel that don't have any additional ingredients, just the plant and water.
  • Sterilize the bottle: for the longest-term storage and lowest chance of spoilage, clean the spray bottle in the dishwasher. I don't recommend boiling water or the oven method for this as these types of spray bottles usually aren't safe to heat or cool rapidly.

How to Store

Rosewater face toner can be stored in the cupboard from up to 6 months. Like all herbal remedies, it is best to keep it in a dark location. If your home is very warm, keep it in the fridge.

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What does rosewater toner do?

Rosewater toner helps to hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores, and keeps the skin soft and supple. It's a good choice for dry skin.

Can I use rose toner everyday?

Homemade rosewater toner is gentle enough to use on a daily basis and shouldn't irritate the skin. It's always a good idea to do a patch test before adding a new product to your beauty routine, though.

Is rosewater toner drying?

Many toners have added alcohol, which can make the skin feel dry and tight. This rosewater toner is made with hydrosol and no alcohol, so it leaves the skin fresh and hydrated.

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An amber glass spray bottle on a tray with oils and gold earrings.
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Easy 3 Ingredient Rosewater Toner

This witch hazel and rosewater toner is the easiest DIY face toner you can make. Made with just three ingredients: witch hazel, rose water, and apple cider vinegar!
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Servings: 1 small bottle


  • Measuring spoons
  • Atomizer
  • Mixing bowl


  • 4 tablespoons rose water
  • 2 tablespoons witch hazel
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


  • Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl and stir to combine. Decant into a clean atomizer (spray bottle). Use to spritz your face in the morning and allow the skin to dry before applying face oil.
    4 tablespoons rose water, 2 tablespoons witch hazel, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • Keep the toner in a dark, cool place for up to 6 months.



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