This simple homemade toothpaste is made with just 3 ingredients you'll already have on hand. It's totally affordable, and best of all works like a dream!

I was encouraged to make this after my mum, who's been making her own toothpaste for the last little while now, went in for a check-up and was informed by the hygienist that she has surprisingly little plaque and that compared to last time, her teeth looked whiter!

And guess what her secret is? Yup, homemade toothpaste using four pantry ingredients.

For some more homemade low-waste natural beauty products, try my vegan lip balm, easy three ingredient rosewater toner, and two ingredients calendula salve.

Homemade toothpaste in small plastic containers, two stacks.
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  • Baking soda
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive of oregano
  • Food grade peppermint oil (optional)
Homemade toothpaste ingredients.

Baking Soda

While some people may be worried that baking soda is too abrasive for teeth, it's actually an alkaline which, it turns out, is less abrasive to enamel and dentine than commercially available toothpaste!

It cleans teeth in two different ways. Firstly, by helping dislodge the plaque build-up which contributes to dental decay and cavities and secondly, by removing those yellowy stains (in my case from coffee and tea). So all in all, it's both an excellent cleaner and a natural tooth whitener!

Orange box of arm and hammer baking soda.

Coconut Oil

Recently, pulling has become a super trendy habit - and there is a good reason behind it! Oil pulling has been used holistically for thousands of years to improve oral and systemic health.

Traditionally it consists of swishing about 1 Tbsp. of sesame oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes, much like mouthwash. While this recipe doesn't call for that much oil or amount of time, it still provides some of the numerous benefits associated with pulling.

By swishing the oil around in your mouth, bacteria are said to get caught in the oil and removed. This prevents such mouth problems as bad breath and gingivitis.   

A large plastic container of coconut oil.

Oil of Oregano

While you may only use this when feeling under the weather, oil of oregano is a great addition to your toothpaste and as a preventative against illness. An antiseptic and great ridder of bacteria, oil of oregano is great at getting into those crevasses and deep in your gums which are so often a haven for bacteria. 

A small glass dropper container of oregano oil.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a wonderful breath freshener and is great at masking the flavour of the oil of oregano! But you can totally make it without 🙂

I promise you, your teeth will have never felt cleaner (or more like a slip and slide)!


Coconut oil in a small bowl with a spoon.

Step 1: Begin by leaving the coconut oil in a warm spot to soften. Mix the soft coconut oil with the baking soda until it makes a smooth paste.

Woman's hands mixing a white paste in a bowl.

Step 2: Add the drops of oil of oregano and peppermint and stir to combine.

Two small containers filled with a white opaque paste.

Step 3: Divide up the paste into small jars. Keep in a warm spot or use a small spoon to scoop onto your toothbrush.

Top Tips

  • Add mint: if you don't like the taste of oregano, add food grade peppermint oil or peppermint extract to combat the flavour.
  • Add whiteners: try added some activated charcoal or turmeric to your homemade toothpaste to help whiten your teeth.

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Homemade toothpaste on a counter in small jars.
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Simple Homemade Toothpaste

This homemade toothpaste is super simple to make and uses lots of pantry ingredients.
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes


  • 6 tablespoons organic coconut oil soften but not melted
  • 4 tablespoons baking soda
  • 20 Drops of oil of oregano
  • 20 Drops of food grade peppermint oil optional


  • Begin by leaving the coconut oil in a warm spot to soften. Mix it with the baking soda until smooth.
    6 tablespoons organic coconut oil, 4 tablespoons baking soda
  • Add the oils and stir to combine.
    20 Drops of oil of oregano, 20 Drops of food grade peppermint oil
  • Divide up the paste into small jars. Keep in a warm spot or use a small spoon to scoop onto your toothbrush.



  1. What can you use to help whiten your teeth? Since using this, my teeth have become a little more yellow😬 TIA!

    1. the baking soda alone should whiten your teeth, but some people claim turmeric or activated charcoal can help——although I haven't tried either as an additive.

        1. Yes you totally can! I've actually never used it so I can't say how much. I'd start with just a tiny amount and add more.

  2. Curious if you spit this mixture in the sink? I have done oil pulling, but they recommend spitting into the trash can, because once the coconut oil solidifies, it can clog your pipes. Have you had any issues? Thanks!

    1. Yes, I have spat this into the sink. I haven't had issues—I do rinse the sink with hot water to help the mix go down, and do a monthly clean of my drains with boiling water, vinegar and baking soda. Overtime, oil can clog drains, but the amount of oil used in this recipe is less than that of oil pulling 🙂

  3. This recipe rocks! Never thought of adding oregano oil, brilliant! I have been making a similar recipe for years and I NEVER ever get cavities. So much better than the commercial toothpastes out there with their toxic ingredients! I also use Dentitox for my gums and my teeth and its an amazing complement to my DIY toothpaste. Great recipe, thank you so much!

    1. can i ask what your DIY toothpaste is? i’ve been researching but i have never tried it. I use coconut toothpaste right now, but want to have a home made one! yours sounds amazing especially not having cavities in years! could you also recommend a good mouthwash? thank you so much 🙂

  4. Thanks! Didn't think about the warm climate, it is So. California! Used the same coconut oil as you did, and it is semi-solid.

  5. Made a small batch, with 1-1/2 tablespoons of soft coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of baking soda, but it was very runny, didn't look stiff like the image above in the mixing bowl. I measured carefully! Didn't even add the essential oils because I didn't have them on hand. Ended up adding another tablespoon of baking soda. I am sure it won't make a big difference. Just wondered what might have made the difference.

    1. Hey Barbara, sounds to me you live in a warm climate? You want to use the type of oil that is solid at room temperature. I don't see the extra baking soda as a problem at all. Next time, you might want to keep your toothpaste in the fridge so it stays solid. <3

  6. I’ve just found this. I have Burning Mouth Syndrome so if I use store bought toothpaste it almost sends me through the roof, with pain. I’m hoping this will work. Sometimes my tongue opens up with splits or a hole, I’m getting desperate. I’m just not sure about the Oregano oil… weather it will burn in that instance? I’ll try and report back.

  7. My daughter suffers from canker sores (she always has at least one going). Hoping this might help with that.

    1. So long as you don't contaminate it with bacteria (from your toothbrush or finger——you'll tell because mould might grow) it will last indefinitely. To make sure you keep it clean, use a little spoon or popsicle stick to apply to your toothbrush 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing, I have always used organic and floride free for my children but noticed lately the price of the toothpaste I purchase has doubled in price. I have been searching home remedies and came across yours, fortunately, I have the ingredients at home, so I will try this tonight and let the kids try it out.

  9. just tried this but usesd half the ingredients to make a smaller batch and added some charcoal powder I had in the cuboard tried it out and my teeth feel great

    1. Hi!
      Can you /do you use this daily?
      I've understood that using baking soda everyday can damage teeth.., is thst just propaganda to make us reach for flouridated commercial junk?

      All the best!

      1. I think it depends on your own personal teeth and their enamel. My family has been using it for years, and not had any issues. Our dentists have even commented on how good our teeth look.

      2. I think pretty much all tooth paste has a form of abrasive. They act similar to polishing compound on a vehicle. I bet you can cut back on the amount of baking soda for a smoother paste if your concerned

  10. Hello Avril!Thank you so much! The oil of oregano I used is the version which is to be taken orally for medical purposes, and the peppermint was an aromatherapy variety, but of a food grade quality. If you purchase high quality oil, I'm sure they will all be food grade. <3

    1. 5 stars
      Great recipe! I’m a retired dental hygienist. I use only baking soda, I just dip the tip of my wet toothbrush into my dedicated pot. After reading your ingredients list, I may add a little coconut oil for a more “toothpaste” texture. I will definitely be adding oregano oil for the antibacterial properties (maybe mint so I don’t gag on the oregano lol). I would like to suggest to all readers- any carbohydrates feed the flora of our mouth. The byproduct of cell lysis is plaque. After plaque solidifies, it becomes calculus(tartar). The key is, get the plaque off before it solidifies. After calculus is formed, only a professional cleaning can remove. So, if paste removes any stain- it’s because the plaque was still soft. When stain penetrates calculus, it only comes off by professional cleaning. In the end, I circle back to carbohydrates- cut the carbs and you have little plaque build up…This is why all my vegan patients most always struggled with plaque unless they were faithful 2x daily brushers and daily flossers. I eat a ketogenic diet, floss daily and NEVER eat processed foods let alone juice or soda. I have miniscual amounts of build up or stain. Last tip- swish with water after drinking any tea, coffee or colored drink to rinse off potential staining or chew xylitol mint gum after drinks/meals.

  11. Hi Sophie
    Just found your website and it looks amazing. Are the oils specific ones that can be used internally? Or are they normal aromatherapy oils? Thank you Avril 🙂

  12. Hi Sophie
    Just found your website and it looks amazing. Are the oils specific ones that can be used internally? Or are they normal aromatherapy oils? Thank you Avril 🙂

  13. More and more people are becoming concerned with how white their teeth are. Some may choose specific toothpaste brands to have their teeth whitened to remove discoloration, stains and spots from their teeth.

  14. It should last for months kept in a cool dark spot like a bathroom medicine cabinet.

  15. I feel like this shouldn't cost that much in the long run. The two oils will cost the most, but you will use so little of them, they should last a very long time. They could run you $20 each. As far as the coconut oil goes, I just got a huge tub of organic coconut oil at Costco for $20 ish dollars. As you're not using it to cook with, you don't have to go the extra mile and get the top of the line brands or anything thing extra virgin. And as far as baking soda goes, you could always use the good old Arm and Hammer type witch will run you $2 a box. I think you pocket might be shocked at first, but happy in the long run 🙂

  16. How much would this recipe cost? I am in those stages where I'm sadly counting my pennies. I feel like this would be less expensive in the long run because you can use these ingredients for other things as well. Thank you and I hope that it works well for me and my pocket! Haha!

  17. How much would this recipe cost? I am in those stages where I'm sadly counting my pennies. I feel like this would be less expensive in the long run because you can use these ingredients for other things as well. Thank you and I hope that it works well for me and my pocket! Haha!

    Kurt |

  18. Awe, thank you so much! I'm delighted you like the recipe. Hopefully I'll get some of those other scarped homemade remedies up soon 🙂

  19. Please don't feel discouraged, post whatever you want! I think homemade remedies are interesting and this toothpaste is really amazing!

  20. I'm so pleased you like the recipe, Paige! The coconut oil is surprisingly nice and helps cut the rather un-tasty baking soda. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  21. Isn't it interesting how creative we can be when it comes to natural remedies. What a neat recipe for an organic toothpaste. I have never thought about putting Oregano oil in my toothpaste, nor have I ever heard as using coconut oil as your main paste base. I will go ahead and have to try this tonight at home.

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